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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Best of Mike Hanopol

The Best of Mike Hanopol

  1. Laki Sa Layaw (3:00)
          2. Mr. Kenkoy (3:20)
          3. Upos Na Lang (3:50)
          4. Ano Kayang Mangyayari (4:00)
          5. Huwag Ka Sanang Magbago (3:15)
          6. Kayabangan (2:59)
          7. Idilat Ang Mga Mata (4:42)
          8. Anong Ganda (3:38)
          9. Baguhin Ang Mundo (4:33)
          10. Tulungan Natin (4:00)
          11. Awiting Pilipino (4:41)
          12. Paikot-ikot (4:33)




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Answer: Sirit Na? ay di "Ati Ah!"

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